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 For some clients, new & exciting is the route they go with their menus, and for others it's more about comfort & familiarity.  At the consultation, this will be determined and the menu will satisfy exactly what you are looking for! 


 The day of preparation starts with grocery shopping to get the freshest ingredients possible to prepare the predetermined menu.  Depending on your menu, cooking and cleanup will take about 4-5 hours.  The food will be packaged (in which ever manner you decide at consultation; family style platters, Tupperware, individual portions, etc.) labeled and stored in your refrigerator or freezer to maintain the highest quality food possible.   


 A detailed menu will be left on your counter with easy-to-follow reheating instructions for a stress-free evening to enjoy a delicious homemade meal. 


Amy Goble

Kelly has been our personal chef for the past ten years.  The most valuable assets in our family are time and health.  We have had less and less time together as a family with the growth and success of our business while also caring for our elder parents.  We were spending large amounts of time on grocery shopping, preparing, and cooking meals and cleaning up for just my husband and me.  With the addition of our son to our family we found we continued to have less time and our eating habits worsened.  We often would waste large quantities of food and we wasted a large amount of our quality time together in this process.  What once would have been considered a luxury became a lifeline to more quality time and healthier eating habits.  For the same or less cost we have had the professional care of Chef Kelly provide the convenience of our grocery shopping weekly.  We eat out less and the quality, variety, and tasty meals that she prepares are something we look forward to each week.  Chef Kelly considers all of our family when planning our weekly meals including my vegan diet, my husband’s requests, and even our son Kingston's ever-changing taste buds. Kelly has been more than patient and very accommodating working with our family’s special needs.  Kelly has also done a fantastic job catering several different parties and events for us personally and for our company.  Not only are her dishes outstanding but her presentation is equally matched. Our guests often leave asking for recipes or wanting to know her secret ingredients :) We are so blessed to have found Chef Kelly and are so grateful for the way she has brought so much flavor to our family!

Sue Willis

Working 70+ hours a week each, leaves no time for grocery shopping or meal planning.  The worst part is that I actually like to cook, but ran out of time to do it, between trying to find time to grocery shop, and then hoping I would get home at a reasonable time to make dinner, when I did cook, we often didn't eat until 9 or 10 pm. I think I told you when we first met up that our meals were either chips and salsa with a glass of wine, or raw bok choy, cooked bok choy, chicken on a real splurge day; the day I met you I had a lime, fizzy water and bok choy in my refrigerator.  Not only do we eat healthier, more balanced meals, we eat them on a regular basis now, and I have leftovers for lunch (saving money again) for not much more money than we were spending on groceries that were often not getting used when we did buy them.  So now instead of rushing home from work to figure out what to put on the table, there is time for us to sit, relax, have a glass of wine, take the dogs for a walk or workout and talk while we reheat!

"It's like eating out at your favorite restaurant every night of the week."

"There are no groceries being thrown out on a weekly basis for the planned meals that never got cooked."

Sara Perkins

Taste. Smile. Repeat. has taken all the stress out of dinner time!  With two young kids plus activities, I struggled to get healthy meals on the table each night. They give us the freedom to NOT WORRY about that piece of the puzzle - and the kids are now trying a huge variety of foods! The diverse meals are flavorful and healthy. Their food never disappoints! I cannot say enough good things about their service.

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